The Huge Responsibility of Court Reporters

When most people think about the legal system, the first people who pop into their heads are the judge, the jury, and the lawyers. And while these individuals do play a valuable role in every single court case, there is another group of individuals who play a role that is equally, if not slightly more, important. These are the court reporters. Without the work that is done by court reporters, it would be difficult to accurately carry out justice. It would be virtually impossible to review a court case or use what took place in one court case as a precedent for how future court cases could be handled.

Because of how important the job they do is, court reporters San Bernardino CA must go through a very strenuous certification process. The National Court Reporters Association plays a large role in determining whether or not court reporters meet the qualifications necessary in order to work during a live court case.

One of the qualifications, for example, is that a court reporter must be able to type an astounding 225 words per minute.

In addition to being able to type fast, court reporters need to be accurate. They need to be able to type what is said in the courtroom with an accuracy rating of 95 percent or higher. This qualification, more than any other, is what makes it difficult for people to qualify as court reporters. The accuracy of court reporters is so important because the documents that they compile is what appellate courts will use when they are trying to decide if any legal wrongdoing took place in a previous trial. Additionally, the documents from court reporters are what future judges, law students, and other legal professionals will use when examining and determining precedent for future cases.

Some court reporters even have the challenge of needing to translate cases or evidence into a different language. For this reason, court reporters who are bilingual or who are trilingual often are given precedent over those who can only speak one language. As languages become more diverse inside of the United States, so the need for diverse court reporters will increase.

The next time you think about a court case, it is good to realize that while the lawyers and the judge play a huge role in determining the outcome of the case, it is the court reporter who has the sole responsibility of seeing to it that everything that goes on in the case is saved for future examination.